Petalas & Partners Law Firm

Our Philosophy

There are many parameters that count in choosing a lawyer or a law firm. As a standard, the lawyer must be technically competent and should be someone in whom a client can trust to represent his best interests and to give clear, intelligible and realistic advice. We believe we offer our clients much more than these standards.

The hallmarks of our services are:

A deliberately ambitious mission

Through sound legal and business advice, as well as through an efficient and friendly service, we help our clients turn to their advantage both obstacles and opportunities that appear in Greece's business environment and not only.
Decades of experience

Our team has acquired many years of experience of advising on transactions at the highest level and maintaining the high standards of integrity demanded by international clients.

Based on long term experience on the Greek market place, the lawyers of Petalas & Partners Law Firm team know how to deal with the issues facing investors in Greece, whatever the size of their investment.
Cost-effective services

We recognize that legal services are one of life's more expensive services and clients who run businesses and operate to small budgets, are entitled not to have "surprises" as to the cost of the legal services.

We place a particular emphasis on transparency when we agree the fees with our clients and we keep clients aware of the development of costs, so that they can make informed choices about what activities we do on their behalf.

The wide ranges of our clients, as well as the work we do, are a testimony to our reliability; clients know they can trust us to get the job done well, on time and within budget.

Indeed, in today's sophisticated market place, increasing numbers of corporate clients and entrepreneurs have come to recognize that, for all but the largest, most complex, cases and transactions, mid-sized law firms such as Petalas & Partners Law Firm offer a reliable, high quality and cost effective alternative to the big international law firms and a higher level of personal service.

We strongly believe that reporting to our clients about our work is one of the main duties of one lawyer and we definitely do that.

We are committed to meeting our clients' legal needs with prompt and clear advice, underpinned by personal attention to ensure that clients are fully informed about the course of the events of their file.
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